On a slow day we were digging through our graveyard of long-forgotten computers. These were from an era when a computer still meant a massive construction with wires all over the place. And what did we find?! A LISBY DEVICE! The grumpy greybeards have spoken of such marvelous things! In the distant past, programmers of the old would use such special hardware optimized just for running programs made with the LISBY language.

Alas, the hardware itself has long since been rendered inoperable by decades of neglect, but we were able to salvage the contents of some of the magnetic tapes, which seem to contain programs. Sadly, we have no time to figure out how they work, so perhaps you will help us to rediscover the old ways.

Our search for documentation was mostly a failure, but we managed to find a one crucial part: A brief architecture guide!

Our cursory investigation reveals that the LISBY DEVICE seems to contain a large variety of different op codes, but probably not all of are needed to understand or run the programs. Perhaps successfully decompiling the programs is a good start!


You get 150 points for this challenge.

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